SS2: Comic Computing

Important Dates Same as the main track of ACIS 2016
Submission site Same as the main track of ACIS 2016 (EasyChair)

Be sure to choose SS2 as the topic of your submission.

Organizer (contact) Mitsunori Matsushita (Kansai University, Japan)

Email: mat [at]

Co-organizers Ryosuke Yamanishi (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
Description Comic is a medium that conveys a story by using images combined with texts or other visual expression. With the spread of small devices like tablet PCs and smart phones, a market for digital comics has been growing. Along with that, the demand for accessing and processing such comics at will has also been increasing. Since comics are cross-modal contents that utilizes both graphical information (e.g., illustrations and comic symbols) and textual information (e.g., dialogues and onomatopoeias) in a coordinated manner, it requires various technologies such as image processing, knowledge processing, and media processing, to handle these contents. This special session intends to discuss such the comic-related topics together and will try to open up a new research topics on the Comic Computing.